Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website for FREE

Traffic is crucial in making sales in a business website. A website will often to go bankrupt if the website owners do not know how to bring the much-needed traffic to their site. If you can’t bring people to check out your site and your products or services, you will not make any profit and lose money by paying for web hosting, SSL certificates, etc.

Some individuals would advise you to hire a SEO team, pay for professional business internet marketing services, and purchase complicated site analysis tools to help you generate and monitor the traffic that comes to your site. However, a more practical approach when starting a business online is to learn how to drive traffic to your site for free by learning how to conduct online marketing for business yourself. If you are working on your e-business by yourself, it would be helpful to learn internet marketing for small business techniques that are available and will not cost any extra money. Here are three ways of conducting internet business marketing at next to no cost to help you drive traffic to your site and make profit easily:

Start an Email Campaign
Starting an email campaign is a free, cost-effective, and effective means of internet marketing for business. Offer free subscriptions on your website to gain contact details that you can use to notify interested individuals of new product or service offers. The beauty of working on an email campaign is that you are exerting effort to market your products and services to people who are already interested in your site, rather than blindly promoting your website to a general audience wherein half of which are not really interested in what you are offering.

Use Social Media
Almost everyone has a Twitter and Facebook account. It is also easy to sign up at other social network sites such as MySpace and Plurk. The use of Social Media is among the most effective methods of internet marketing for business. Start with adding people from your address book and email campaign list. From there, dedicate an hour or two of your time daily to connect with the contacts of your various social network friends. This is an excellent way of reaching out to people you don’t know and making use of testimonials that your “common friend” can happily provide.

Work on Backlinking
You may opt to hire a freelancer to do back linking for you, but you can do this on your spare time. Visit websites, forums, and blogs that are relevant to the nature of your business, contribute to the forum or blog by making an informational comment, and don’t hesitate to paste a link to your site. This method of business marketing online is widely accepted and is an excellent means of procuring business contacts and affiliates that can help you in the future.